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“Speech Recognition. A common technology. But do we use it’s full potential? Computers have been capable of recognising what we say for a long time, but do they know who is talking? How could such a technology be used?”

We asked ourselves these questions and searched for problems which could be solved by applying it. In most of today's use cases, speech recognition is very dominant and has only a single use. Instead of giving computer commands, the device could also listen and be supportive in a more cautious way. One the one hand, single persons often talk a lot and barely give others the chance to speak, and on the other hand, some tend to be very reactive and take less effort when working in a group. This leads to unbalanced conversations. Especially in business, such behaviour can have tremendous costs, thus we decided to design an app for meetings. After a long period of planning, we have come to develop a prototype, with the aim of visualising possible benefits. The video seemed to be the perfect medium for transporting our idea. It lets us show all advantages and functions in an entertaining way. The app listens as soon as started. Then, it does not only record what is said, but especially who is speaking. This shows how the conference is going, throughout the meeting and after that, through easy to read statistics. That creates consciousness and aims for more efficient communication.

Timo Lins, Emil Bruckner and Noel Kurtaran are three creative individuals with great visions and goals for the future. After fundamentally different careers they joined each other in 2012, at “die Graphische” in Vienna. Together, they created multiple projects, such as teem.

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